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Social Media Campaign

(B) Problem Description
· Primary prevention topic: Obesity

· Target population: Hispanics and African-Americans residing in Bronx County (Bronx County population 1,455,720)
· Population size and demographics:
– Hispanics (account for 56% of the Bronx totalling approximately 815,203 individuals)
– African-Americans (account for 43.7% of the Bronx totalling approximately 636,149 individuals)
· Demographics: Urban area/Borough located in New York City
· Area Size: 42.03 mi2
· Physical and Social Environment: The Bronx is one of five boroughs located in New York City. It is an urban area with parks and greenery sparsely located throughout the Bronx. One of the challenges that the Bronx borough faces is the fact that it is one of the most impoverished counties in the United States…

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